Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Giveaway Winner + New Stash

Hi Everyone!

First---congratulations to Caeli who is the winner of the L*K "Welcome Tooth Fairy" and a nice bag of lavender!  Be sure to email me within the next couple of days with your snail mail address so I can send it out to you! :)

I'm on vacation until Thursday morning so today my DD Kaytee and I took a trip to my favorite New England area LNS---Bush Mountain.  See my stash below.... we had to get out of there after about an hour and a half because I was afraid I'd do even more damage! :) The fabrics are different remnants (mostly lugana) and all were 20% off --- I'll use them to make some of the LHN ornaments.  I LOVE the L*K stuff and some of them were 50%!! Stitching AND bargains?!?!? I know, seems too good to be true.  I also LOVE the Eat, Sleep, Stitch bag---who am I kidding I love all of it! :) 

I'm going to sign off now but will post again by the end of the weekend to show you my progress on another model stitch --- I finished The Sweetheart Tree's "Dragonfly Dreams" as shown below with 28 ct. platinum linen with suggested silks and Mill Hill beads.

Have a great night and just keep stitching! ~Nicole

Monday, March 19, 2012


Hi Everyone,

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the model stitching piece I'm working on.  I hope I'll be done tonight or tomorrow so I can block it and send it off to the designer! Check out  http://goldencircledesigns.com/Line-Home.html and you'll see some similar to the design I'm almost done with of Romilly's... I can't show you a photo until she gives the A.O.K. Next up are two smaller models for a LNS and then I've been asked to stitch four of the Better Homes and Garden Heirloom Stockings for someone who reached out to me via a message board I frequent... those I will be able to show you progress on, as well as some personal smaller projects mixed in.

I received a few small stash items over the past few days, and because I need to keep better track of what Lizzie*Kate patterns I've already ordered...  :)  First part of the giveaway will be a new copy of "Welcome Tooth Fairy" as I already ordered it and don't need two.

Second part of the giveaway will be a generous portion of dried organic lavender. I use this in sachets and bought a large bucket very inexpensively and I'd like to share that with you. SMELLS AMAZING!!!

Giveaway Rules:

Comment on this thread and you get an entry. 
Comment on any other thread between now and next Monday and you get an entry. 
Post a link to my blog on yours and let me know to check it out, and you get an entry. 
I will pick a winner on Monday, March 26th and it's open to all, not just US.

That's all for now -- have a great week everyone and remember to just keep stitching!  ~Nicole

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fun With Finishing

Hi Everyone!

I didn't get much model stitching done this weekend because I spent some time organizing and then pulled out my sewing machine.  Despite the fact that I've been stitching for almost 30 years, I have not had good experiences with my machine and last time I saw it was when I shoved it into the box about... oh... almost six years ago? :)  I figured now was as good a time as any to try it again. 

With some help from one of my sisters via "Face Time" on an ipod, I was able to get past the fear of threading the machine correctly, and practiced on a few pieces of scrap material.  Then I took a deep breath... and came up with the first small ornament seen below.  I was very nervous-- all I kept thinking was that I spent time stitching it up and one false move with the machine and I'd have to toss it into the trash.  "Bloom" by Lizzie*Kate which is a quick freebie still up on their site today if you want to grab it for yourself.  I used a small butterfly charm I'd recently purchased since I didn't have one of the Lizzie*Kate's on hand.

Here's the back view.  I give myself an A- on this one -- next time I'll make sure to use a ladder stitch to keep the bottom seam neater (check bottom left on this photo) so you won't be able to tell where I put the stuffing in at the end.
Then I pulled out that same design in a different color and made this tuck pillow style wall hanging with "Away In A Manger" from Lizzie*Kate as well.  I also give myself an A- on this one since the top right is a little crooked.  I need to keep that in mind and make sure to keep the machine sewing straight.  So much to keep an eye on at one time vs. just my needle and making sure I don't stab myself! ;)

Like I said, not perfect, but definitely a good learning experience and branching out of my comfort zone which is always good.  And anyway, practice makes perfect, right?  I'll keep you updated on my progress and would love it if you would to the same also! 

I have to clean up the sewing area aka the kitchen table and then try to get some progress done on the model piece so I'm going to sign off for now.  Have a great week and keep your eye out for a giveaway to start on Friday -- remember to just keep stitching! ~Nicole

Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Stash Day!

Hi everyone,

No, that's not an official holiday or anything but I feel like it should be! And if it was... then today is the day. :)  I got a bunch of goodies in the mail today--want to peek?

First is a small order I placed from 123-stitch.com with a sale they were having last week.  A few small oval finishing forms to have on hand and a pair of Dinky-Dyes Union Jack scissors for my younger daughter, Mary who is obsessed with England. They are a site I check out frequently and they ship incredibly fast so if you haven't checked them out before you are really missing out.

 Next is my order from Bush Mountain here in Massachusetts which you've all heard me say before is my absolute favorite shop on the planet.  Some Crescent Colours, A couple of LHN and L*K designs, as well as a GORGEOUS 18"x27" piece of Light Mocha Linen in 32 ct.  (stay tuned for what I'm doing with that).  This is part 1 of 2 because Maeann is ordering a few things so it'll be like Christmas all over again when the second part arrives!  They also have incredibly fast shipping and it's free since I've physically shopped in the store (one of the cool deals they have for patrons).  LOVE THEM!

This final photo is from a trade I did with Carolyn C. in FLA for some colored aida I know I wouldn't use: some great linen pieces and a CCN & ST chart as well as some yellow silk.  Trading is a great way to take advantage of "new to you" and not hurt the wallet.

I'm hoping to wrap up the model I'm stitching this week (still can't show you since the design isn't released to the public yet) but we'll see how the week goes.  My late lunch break here at the office is just about over so I need to say goodbye for now... have a great week and remember to just keep stitching!  ~Nicole

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Think Winter... Do I Have A Choice?

Helloooooooo from a very snowy area of Massachusetts!
This gives you an idea of what it looked like first thing this morning and it's been snowing all day I've been in the office.  I'm sitting here at my desk, punched out and all ready to go.  Dreading having to brush off the car and hit the road slip slidin' away...
 Yes, I live in the Northeast.  We are supposed to be used to this,  and expect it, I get it.  But we've been spoiled because this has been MY kind of winter.  Once "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" is over for the season, I'm done with the snow for the season also.  :)

The ONLY thing left for me to like then is my winter related obsession---SNOWMEN!

This is "Think Winter" by Lizzie*Kate that I made for Christmas for my friend Amanda.  We've been friends since 4th grade and she is my longest friend.  We choose to say "longest" friend vs. "oldest" friend... it just sounds better now that we are over 16, don't you think? This was stitched on 28ct. sand colored linen with suggested DMC colors.  The only small substitution is the gingerbread button (CUTE!) where there should be a present.

Here is Bent Creek's Photobooth Snowmen.  This is in my "to be framed" pile and I purchased it out at Stitchville USA in MN this past December.  It comes with the pattern, a piece of 32 ct. Confederate Gray Linen and some glass beads. I used DMC for this one.  LOVE IT (obviously).

I'm still model stitching, stitching, stitching which is what I'll be doing tonight.  I can't show you yet since the Designer hasn't released it to the public yet, but you know I will when I can. In the meantime, have a great night and remember to just keep stitching! ~Nicole