Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Finish + Online Show Alert

Hi Everyone!

Yes, I have another model stitch finish to show you. Lizzie*Kate's "Time for God" worked up pretty fast--only just started it last week (39 hours)!  It's done on 32 count linen (not sure what kind as it was sent to me) 2 over 2, with suggested WDW fibers. 

The next model stitch on the agenda (after I finish the twin's wall hangings tonight) is Benk Creek's "Thankful Quaker" .  This one is on 35 (!) ct so we'll see what happens. :) I figure if I can do 32 ct. then 35 won't be much different... right?  Will I end up cross-eyed?

Of other news, have you had a chance to check out The Needlework Show ?!?!  If you access the page, you'll want to click onto "General" under viewing in the top right corner and you can check out each designer who's participating, enter their giveaways, etc.!! My favorites are Barbara Ana Designs, Ship's Manor, Just Another Button Company, Dinky Dyes..... who am I kidding...I don't have time to list them all out.  Let's just say I've already sent an email off to Maeann at Bush Mountain Stitchery and she's running a special for 10% off anything featured in the online show plus free shipping in the US for orders over $20.  Doesn't get much better than that! You know you want more stash........... haha.

Ok, before I enable you all even more today I'm going to sign off for now.  Thank you all for the kind messages and emails -- new giveaway next week!  Just keep stitching ~Nicole

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Twin Winners & Twin Finishes! :)

Hi Everyone!

First, I'd like to congratulate tr on winning the baked and basted fabric giveaway, as well as calamityjr for winning the Bent Creek Hospitality Knocker chart!  I will send each of you an email for your snail mail addresses and I'll send them out to you this week. :)  Nice going and I hope you enjoy your stash additions!

I have two finishes this week:

Both were done on 32 ct evenweave 2 over 2 using Lizzie*Kate's "Oh Baby!" chart. Norah's was stitched using DMC 309 and Logan's was done up using DMC 930.  Logan and Norah are two of my adorable nieces/nephews and they turned 1 year old on Easter Sunday, which was also my parents' 40th wedding anniversary!!  My sister asked that I make these into wall hangings and I plan on doing the finishing for this week. 

This is the pair just relaxing on the bed waiting for their cousin Mary to take a quick photo...  :)
Pretty adorable, huh?  <3

I am currently working on a model stitch of Lizzie*Kate's "Time For God" and I'm thinking I'll finish tonight so I'll post when that's done to show you.

Thanks for following and I'll check in soon!  Just keep stitching! ~Nicole

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Finish, Dyeing 101 and TWO New Giveaways!

Hi Everyone!

I finished Bent Creek's "Hospitality Knocker" Kit last night -- the photo is fresh off the Q-snaps.  Still deciding if I'll make a door-knocker like wall hanging with it for my kitchen or if I'll frame it... not sure. 
I would love to pay it forward and give away the chart for this design--- be a follower and leave a comment anytime between now and next Monday and I'll pick the winner randomly. 

My girls are getting older and although I thought the day would never come when they were toddlers, lately I have occassional moments where I have some time where no one needs me to do anything, I don't need to be anywhere for anyone, etc.  This past Saturday morning was one of those times so I thought I'd try my hand at dyeing some fabric.  I used a tutorial from The Twister Stitcher's blog you can find here:  Baking and Basting Fabric 

I only did one piece to start and will definitely be using it at some point since I'm so happy with the way it came out; especially for a first attempt!  :)  Here you can see the before and after but the photo really doesn't do it justice -- I love the dark marks that show up randomly throughout the piece!  It was very simple if you follow the steps and no, it does not smell like coffee/tea after it's all pressed.  Make sure if you try it to keep an eye on it the entire time so you don't burn the fabric (or your house!).

I will be doing another batch at some point over the next week so I'd also like to make that a giveaway also...any follower who comments will be entered to win this second giveaway as well which I will also pick the winner of randomly a week from today.

Signing off for now since I'm on my lunch hour at the office---have a great rest of the day and remember to just keep stitching!  ~Nicole

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another Two Finishes...

Hi Everyone!

I know I was going to post at the end of the weekend but I was on a roll and figured I'd just finish and THEN show you!  Below is a photo of another model stitch for The Silver Needle out of Tulsa, OK called "Summer Vegetables" by Filigram -- stitched on 32ct linen over 2 and using all suggested GAST fibers.  This is a full 48.75 hours of stitching.  It came out great and today I'll happily pack it up and send it along and see what comes next. 

I have to finish my twin niece and nephew's birth samplers... both are Lizzie*Kate and I don't have too much to do on them but so many other things are calling my name..... (we'll see haha)

The other finish is not by me, but by my daughter Kaytee.  Below is "Spirits of the Southwest" by Bobbie G. Designs done with DMC and 14 ct black aida.  Great stitching -- looks like you had a great teacher! :)

That's all for today and I'll be posting up the next giveaway by the end of the week.  Until then take care and just keep stitching!  ~Nicole