Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New LNS Find & WIP

Good Morning Everyone!

Yesterday I was introduced to a Facebook group of stitchers and stumbled upon several posts mentioning a local needlework shop called Bush Mountain Stitchery which I HAPPILY DISCOVERED is in my state--only about an hour away from me!!  I'm not sure how things are in your area, but there aren't many local shops around anymore in my area.  I have one under an hour away and two (now three) that are an hour plus away. With the big box stores making more room for what they deem as "more popular crafts", the needlearts aisles have shrunk down to one and in some cases not even a whole aisle.  I try to buy local when possible but sometimes I do need to place an order online to get supplies.

Check out and see what Maeann's shop has to offer --- I'm planning on heading to her shop in early February and will give you all a full report; photos and all! :)  She offers free shipping on orders in the USA over $10 as an added bonus!  I've also placed a link over to the right with all my other favorite shops that I've either visited or regularly order from online.

No baking happened in my kitchen last night so I was able to carve out a little time for some stitching.  Here is my progress on the BTB Stich an Inch motifs.  This progress accounts for about 5 hours so they really work up quick despite being over one on 28 ct. because it's the Continential Stitch. 

Have a great day and just keep stitching... ~Nicole


  1. Glad i found you, your tree looks great and the little inchies are going along beautifully. I added your blog to my list on my blog and I hope to see you again sometime. Class was fun and I am working on the directions with more pictures and will send them off to everyone in class as soon as I am finished. Have a wonderful Christmas

  2. looking so lovely..keep it up..
    hugs cucki xx

  3. Just had a look via your link at bush mountain. What a super selection they have. You have so much more choice in the States.