Friday, December 23, 2011

Sleep Deprivation

Good Morning!

It is with tired eyes I'm typing this blog this morning!  Why?  Last night Mary said "Mom, Senora Nunes is my favorite teacher! Did we get her anything?"  Gulp.  Nope.  Then I remembered that I thought I had a Lizzie Kate pattern perfect for her Spanish teacher...
Soooo... at 7:15pm I got to work.  Found a spare piece of evenweave and we put on "The Help" and off I went.  Fast forward to 12:30am... when I put the glue gun down and stumbled to bed.  Finished project is 5" x 4" which is a little large for an ornament but it looks BEAUTIFUL as a small wall hanging!  Thin batting glued to a piece of thin cardboard with the design wrapped around it and backed with red felt attached.  Gold cording from Michael's around the edges and affixed with hot glue and also made into a bow/hanger.  SO easy and I love the end result.  Not too shabby for only 5.25 hours, huh? :)

Fast forward again to 6:40am... Mary comes to the realization that Senora Nunes won't even be at school today so my sleep deprivation was for nothing! Oh, don't worry... there's PLENTY of house cleaning that needs to be done so child labor will be alive and well at my house today/tonight. On the up side, at least I know Mary's teacher will be especially surprised after they all return from Christmas vacation.

That's all for now and I'm planning on doing another giveaway contest so stay tuned for that!  Have a great day and just keep stitching.... ~Nicole


  1. Oh my. Gotta love 'em. (children who have last minute have to's). ;) However, your pressie for her favorite teacher is beautiful!!! :D Cathryn

  2. Just discovered your lovely blog. The ornament for your DD's favorite teacher is beautiful!

  3. I can totally relate to your experience.

    The ornament looks great and I'm sure the teacher will love it even if she gets it after Christmas. One good thing about Christmas is that it comes every year. :-)

  4. aww cute ornament..
    merry christmas..
    hugs cucki xx