Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vanishing Cookies and WIP

Good Morning!

Something hilarious happened to me last night and I just had to share since all of you knew how much I have been baking, baking, baking! :)  I made more peanut butter blossoms and it's cold here in Massachusetts so I put the cookies to cool outside on the back patio.  Note:  two FULL trays of cookies.  I go back into the kitchen to form more cake balls because those will also have to chill and firm up before I can dip them in chocolate, etc.... after they're all set I go back outside to bring in the cookies...

...and one of the trays only has 7 cookies on it, not the 13 it had when I put it outside to cool! HAHAHAHA  I did a double-take just to make sure I wasn't going crazy and that they were the full sheets I put out there...called Katie downstairs to make sure and then we started laughing.  I think we laughed for a good 10 minutes!  We have lived in our home for 14 years and every year I put things out in what a friend calls "God's cooler" and this has never happened before!  My thoughts are that it was a neighborhood dog that was roaming and smelled the peanut butter/chocolate combo and thought it was a cookie buffet! :D  Needless to say from now on I'll make sure things are placed higher up to prevent another cookie burglary!

I stopped early enough last night to have a little while to relax and get in some stitching.  Not sure why I can't rotate the photo this morning (computer gremlins?) but it's one of the Santa motifs from By The Bay Needleart's Stitch an Inch Christmas 2011 stitched over one on 24 count linen. Below him is a start of a few trees for the next design.  I want to get these done up in the next couple of days to put on my woolen feather tree that's on my side table in the kitchen.

Have a great day everyone and keep an eye on your cookies! ~Nicole