Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone! 

I hope you all had some great times with friends and family over the past few days -- I wanted to take some time to unplug (mostly) and recharge here at home.  Got some projects around the house done, took my new Kitchenaid ravioli attachment for a spin, and finished my first project of 2012:
This is the L*K sampler I started middle of last week--came out great, huh?  I absolutely love the Cresent Colours -- never used them before and they were fantastic! Piece already blocked and in the "to eventually take to framers" pile.  I'm thinking about a white mat and a simple red frame.

I'm going to kick my DH John out of his recliner and start an ornament since I'm waiting on a special chart to be delivered this week and I don't want to start anything else in the meantime... I'll be sure to fill you in when it arrives.

Have a wonderful evening everyone and just keep stitching.  ~Nicole


  1. Crescent Colours are lovely threads to stitch with. I love my Kitchenaid and it's attachments.

    Beautiful finish looking forward to seeing it framed.

  2. aww very sweet finish,,
    happy new year xx

  3. Hi, I saw your post and came right over and joined your blog.!! I like LK charts, so simple and quick to do.