Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Floss Cabinet & Punchneedle Start

DH was looking for an idea of what to get me for Christmas and I suggested the DMC bamboo floss bobbin cabinet.  He seemed slightly relieved when I suggested it since that meant no return trip to the mall days before Christmas and I've wanted one for YEARS but my plastic cases served the same purpose so it was fine.  DMC was also running a sale (and seem to STILL be running it FYI if anyone's interested) so it was $100 off... isn't she pretty?  The girls helped me make sure I had every one in order and it really looks great.  Reminds me of a jewelry box but with jewels of an entirely different kind. :)

After that project was done I decided to mix it up a little and I started a L*K punchneedle piece.  Cross stitch is my first love but I really like doing punchneedle designs as well.  If you haven't tried it, give it a whirl! It's so easy and works up fast -- photos are front and back after only an hour.

It's just like a coloring book only with thread--can't be any easier.  No counting, etc. so it's great to change it up once in a while.  I have a few projects in mind for punchneedle in the future so stay tuned.

Don't forget my contest is still going on and as soon as I reach 100 followers I'll pick a winner.

Have a great Tuesday and remember to just keep stitching!  ~Nicole


  1. wow very beautiful floss cabinet..congratulations..
    your punch needle project is so sweet..keep it up..
    love for you cucki xx

  2. Love the floss cabinet! I am the same way, the plastic ones serve their purpose.. but having one like that would be awesome :D I wouldn't say no if someone offered to buy it for me haha!

  3. I adore your floss box and so well organised to. Please come and do mine.

  4. I'm considering purchasing one of those cabinets. How well is it made? Others I've looked at have been poorly or cheaply made (like the bottom of the drawers is made of cardboard, etc).