Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stories Behind Pieces

Good Morning Everyone!

I recently read the AMAZING story about  Major Alexis Casdagli, a British soldier in WWII who began cross stitching secret messages while in a Nazi prisoner of war camp.  I was (and still am) completely taken aback at the courage it took and how it may have put a smile on a few faces of those who found themselves in such horrific circumstances.  (Story can be found here: if you haven't already heard about this.)  I got to thinking about things I've stitched over the years and the stories behind some of them.  Granted, none of the meanings behind my finished pieces are quite so life and death, but some of them still tell a story...

First, there is the piece "Christmas Joy" by Mill Pond Designs I sitched for my mother back circa 1995.  We were parents to two young children and were financially struggling to an extent as a young family so shelling out the money to have this professionally framed at an LNS was a big deal.  The second part of the story for this piece is that I subsequently misplaced the pattern and two years ago asked my Mom if I could borrow this to restitch it; then I put it in a safe place... and you guessed it!  I forgot where I put it! :)  It's been found thankfully and is safe and sound while being stored in my soon to be completed new craft room (now that the taxes are filed and the FAFSA is done).  I'll give it back to Mom next Christmas when the rest of her decorations make their way out of storage.

Secondly, there is a sampler I made for my niece a few years ago.  I don't remember the designer and I know it's OOP so if anyone has any info and can pass it along to me that'd be great.  (I've checked online and the only link I can find to it is broken and I can't read the teenie tiny letters to figure it out, haha.)  I started this when one of my sisters became pregnant and actually fully completed the middle angel with the yellow bow... and sadly my sister had a miscarriage.  I carefully put it away, and then picked it up again when we knew everything was going well with her pregnancy with my niece. I finished it and gave it to her at the baby shower.
I'd love to hear any stories any of you have behind pieces you've completed!

I'm finishing up a surprise for someone so can't post a WIP today but maybe within the next few days when it's done!

Don't forget my contest is still going on and we're only 25 away--I really want to pick a winner because I have some other things for giveaways so get the word out! :)

Have a great Wednesday and just keep stitching! ~Nicole

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  1. Beautiful stitching project and very sweet post xxx