Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Punchneedle WIP

Good Morning Everyone,

Well, despite my carpal tunnel I put in an additional 6 hours of punchneedle last night on the L*K design for a total of around 8... here's how it looks today:

Looking good, huh?  FYI that's TWO entire skeins of FMC 930 and I love how you can see the outline in the front of "Winter" for where DMC 712 will be filled in at some point.

I need to get going but wanted to check in quick and fill you in on the progress.  Have a great day and just keep stitching!  ~Nicole


  1. wow it is looking so sweet..i love it so much.
    hugs cucki xxx

  2. I just love it. I would very much like to have a go. This is going to be a gorgeous finish.